Automate your overflowed development jobs

Don’t let any of your potential clients go just because your team is already occupied. We are the backup army who automates your overflow work by providing 100% white label services for your organization. Take in every client & uphold your company brand with your invisible army, Developers-In!


Get to know each other

We take a personal approach to get to know each other well, study your company values, mission, vision, standards, work structure, rules & regulations, to ensure our work is done within the limits and adhering to your company's proper reputation adn conduct.


Gathering project requirements

Our expert business analysis team is always ready to analyze and document your project requirements. You don’t have incur time to organize the requirement. Even with a very basic initial requirement or concept we are ready to start digging in and capture the exact finalized requirement with zero hustle to your team.


Estimation submission

Once the requirement is finalized, we will create a detailed WBS estimation. And also we will provide the most suitable timeline with the effort that we are willing to allocate per day and how long it will take to complete each milestone. Based on your budget and deadline, you can negotiate with us to adjust the effort per day. At this point you will be fully aware about the total cost and duration.


Starting the journey

After you confirmed the estimation, we can move forward with the agreements and all the finalized paperwork. We will sign a CNDA plus a service agreement prepared from both parties.


Sit back & Relax

Soon after paperwork is done, we will start working for your organization. We will take care of all the business analysis, project management, designing, development, quality assurance & documentation work. End of each day you’ll get a status report with all deliverables which you can simply forward to your client. Also you’ll get real-time updates from git & any project management software you desire.

Expertise Technologies
Tailwind CSS
Mainly we offer web development services, not just the development, we take responsibility through each and every stage of SDLC providing 100% automation for your organization.
We do not take credit for any of the work we do. We always represent your company.
At the beginning of each contract we sign a CNDA to ensure the confidentiality. We will only share these information with our staff who are legally bound with our organization to secure confidential materials.
Once the requirement is finalized, and the paperwork is done we will start working for your organization within a week.
At the moment we accept transactions done by credit/debit cards.
Once the project budget has been decided, you can chose to pay per hour, per month, per milestone, or any other method discussed and agreed on.
We are located in Gampaha, Western Province, Sri Lanka
We have 10+ inhouse employees and a pool of 50+ certified experts to pick whenever we need.
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About Us
We are a web design and development company located in Sri Lanka. For the past years, we have served 50+ web development agencies and gained our reputation as a trustworthy outsourcing agency. We provide 100% white label services to agencies world wild.